Training To Eat









After the eggs are laid they are collected and placed in incubators. The incubators are either pvc tubs or sytrofoam coolers with baffles made of screen wire to keep the eggs from going out the drain.

Tiny Tadpoles

2-3 weeks after hatching the tadpoles are large enough that they will not swim through screen wire. They are then placed in enclosures made of screen wire.


During the growing period, the tadpoles are from the enclosures and grow in above groung swimming pools. The pools are 3 feet high and 12 feet in diameter and hold approximately 3500 tadpoles.

Metamorphosing Frogs

When the tadpoles begin to "merge" into frogs they are collected and placed in a 6X 6 training area.

Growing Frogs

Once the frogs begin eating and growing the are separated so that all the frogs in one area are approximately the same size. These areas are 10 X 10 with PVC or concrete bottoms with water on one side. The sides are fiberglass panels