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tfrog-nobody.gif (619 bytes)The cycle begins when the adults frogs mate. The eggs are fertilized while being squeezed from the female by the male.

The eggs are attached to grasses in the water and hatch in about 5 days.

The tadpoles are aquatic or live in the water. They eat algae, organic matter and minute roots and stems of aquatic plants.

When the water temperature is warm, there is over 12 hours of daylight each day and the tadpoles have grown enough, they metamorphosis into frogs.

During this metamorphosis period the tail is adsorbed into the body. The adsorbed tail helps form the lungs, tongue eyes and other body parts. The cartilage forms into bones for the legs and feet.

After metamorphorsis the tadpole becomes a different creature, a frog. The frog breaths air directly. It also lives on land near the water. The frog catches and eats only living food.

After a period of 1 to 8 months the juvenile frog becomes an adult. Its sex can then be determined by the size of its tympanum or ear drum. The ear of the male frog is twice as large as the eye. The female ear is the same size.