Training To Eat







The greatest challenge with Bullfrogs is in feeding them.



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Frogs instinctively eat living creatures. These creatures attempt to avoid being caught and try to escape while being eaten.

Unless the food in the frog’s mouth moves or wiggles then frogs will spit it out. This happens so that if a blowing leaf or a small dirt clod is caught by the frog, it will not swallow the leaf or the dirt clod but spit it out.

To overcome this instinctive behavior, frogs must be taught to eat an inert (non-living) food during and shortly after metamorphosis. The foods that frogs have been taught to eat include soft pelletized dropping food and crawfish heads.

When going through metamorphosis small pieces of crawfish bodies are wiggled in front of the frogs. They grab if with their tongue and sometimes eat it and sometimes spit it out. Worms can also be fed at this time. This allows the frogs to associate the inert crawfish bodies with food and they become accustomed to the crawfish.

Frogs can also be trained to eat pelletized food at this stage of development. Soft small pellets can be dropped in the vicinity of the frogs and they will grab the food with their tongue.